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Rated Five Stars Inspiration | Thoughts for the Breast Cancer Journey - Find peace in the things that you enjoy the most. Whether it be reading, listening to music or taking a hot bath. Take time everyday to do at least one thing that you enjoy. Our blog is full of inspiration for survivors and their families.
Rated Five Stars Insider Secrets to Dating Online - Learn step-by-step how to land dates online, like never before. I share how I landed 17 dates in 32 days, always for free!
Rated Four Stars Alligator AlleySurvivalism-a serialadventure - Survivalism and competency in the modern world. Updated every two or three days in a serial format. Have a serial with your breakfast!
Rated Three Stars Success Inspired - Find you Inspirational and Motivational resources here. Live, love, be, do and have!
Rated Two Stars Bishop T.D. Jakes Blog - Pastor, author, artist, entrepreneur, philanthropist,international influencer, Thomas Dexter T.D. Jakes
Not Yet Rated Vincent Genna, MSW - Vincent Genna is an internationally renowned author, lecturer, psychic counselor, intuitive messenger and spiritual guide. He is a gifted leader, providing intuitive counselingspiritual healing to those searching for inspiration motivation.
Not Yet Rated Monkey Dates - MonkeyDates is a blog aimed at providing men with online dating advice so that they can have a lot fun with online dating and attract the women they want.
Not Yet Rated The Rest Invest Post - Applying the Art Science of Human Decision-Making to Our Daily Lives
Not Yet Rated Ignite Your Life! - How to get from where you are to where you want to be. Ignite Your Life! provides ideas, constructive information, heightened practices and powerful action steps, along with a healthy dose of inspiration.
Not Yet Rated Becoming a Lady - Visit us on Facebook - Enlightening articles, free eZine, and more... Are you living up to your potential as a woman? Have you ever felt that you can do better? Are you living the life you know you deserve? Do you showcase your beauty in the best way possible? Do you
Not Yet Rated Sadaka Tehuti-Maat - A collection of text and multimedia entries on Alternative Health, Inner Growth, Ancient Wisdom, Emerging Modalities - as well as various points of view from Sadaka Tehuti-Maat and others.
Not Yet Rated Operation Increase Quality of Life - This is a blog detailing how a transgender woman dealing with major depression is working to increase the quality of her life
Not Yet Rated The Lost Vikings search for paradise! - This is the story of how to escape ice and snow in order to get to paradise. My beautiful girlfriend and I are going to escape from Norway to a perfect beach somewhere around the equator. As an ongoing project, you can track our progress here!
Not Yet Rated Learn Piano here - Learn to play the piano here. We have free music lessons for everybody, as well as interviews and articles about the piano, and piano playing celebrities.
Not Yet Rated Memoirs of a Fitness Diva - Candace is a highly motivational keynote speaker as well as a professional athlete, coach, personal trainer, nutrition specialist, corporate wellness consultant, and entrepreneur.
Not Yet Rated Pics Quotes - Best collections of tumblr images and pictures with quotes about love, life, happiness, trust, friendships, inspirational, bible verses and more...
Not Yet Rated The Bucket List Project - The Bucket List Project Blog hopes to share once-in-a-lifetime experiences, people accomplishing them, hopefully will inspire you to go out do them
Not Yet Rated A2ZQuotes - Famous and inspirational English and Hindi quotes and sayings from around the world.Famous, quotes, mention, dialog, punchlines, quotation, example, quoting, source, citation.
Not Yet Rated Quotes to enjoy and thoughts to ponder - Quotes and sayings that will inspire you and provide encouragement. This is a personal blog. Itís based on the things Ive experienced and the lessons Iíve learned over time. Support, motivation, and hope for those who are facing lifeís challenges.
Not Yet Rated Inspower.co | Inspire Empower individuals to achieve their dreams - At Inspower we help people go for their dreams. We inspire and motivate individuals. We help them achieve their dreams.
Not Yet Rated Dave Nott - Developer, HTPC Enthusiast and Amateur Photographer. Interested in all things tech.
Not Yet Rated Inspiration Boost | Quote of Life, Daily Inspiration and Motivation - Inspiration Boost blog sharing daily inspiration and motivation. Dedicate in sharing daily life quotes from great people, and self improvement contents to charge up everyone, inspire people to live a better life.
Not Yet Rated Nutritional Bits - I am a Certified Nutrition Consultant whose goal is to educate people on how to live a healthier lifestyle. I provide nutritional tips as well as healthy recipes.
Not Yet Rated 50 plus and Alone - A website for seniors over 50 who have chosen not to get re-married again, and prefer to live life single.
Not Yet Rated Hypnosis Review Quarterly - Hypnosis and other holistic personal improvement programs. Including binaural beats, hypnosis, yoga, weight loss, natural high, stop smoking, meditation and many other areas of self improvement.
Not Yet Rated Nerd Exercises - Nerds looking to shed a lot of pounds have found a home. This witty blog is the postings of a self professed Fat Nerd that was able to lose 160 lbs going from 360 to 200 lbs in 18 months. He shares his experiences, tips, and tricks!
Not Yet Rated Opulent1s~Blogs of Abundance! - A site where people can learn to live a prosperous and abundant life. Great weekly posts ranging from spiritual to metaphysical.
Not Yet Rated The Skinny on Being Fat - Who needs chocolate! My motivation is hard to come by, and im still struggling. Help support my blog about a clumsy, young gal on the verge of achieving her weight loss dreams! I need support, and want to support you!
Not Yet Rated The Choice Is Mine Personal Transformation Blog - A blog and podcast about powerful information on personal transformation and self improvement
Not Yet Rated HowCanI -- The Ability Makers -- Personal Development - Find the answer to the most asked question on Earth. HowCanI bridges the gap between simply following a process and understanding not only HOW, but WHY you take the actions to achieve your goal.
Not Yet Rated Grow To Be - What did you want to be when you were young? Did you become what you imagined you would? This blog is dedicated to everyone out there. My goal is to provide inspiration to those who lack the courage to go walk the path they were destined to walk. A
Not Yet Rated Pearls of truth. - A pearl lays hidden in the rose of your heart.
Not Yet Rated Bridging the Parent Teen Gap- Teen Blog - Providing information and resources for being a successful teen. Working to improve communication and relationships between teens and the adults in their lives.
Not Yet Rated Bridging the Parent Teen Gap- Parent Blog - Providing information and resources for parenting successful teens. Working to improve communication and relationships between parents and teens.
Not Yet Rated Free grant money for your Small business - This blog is for small business enthusiasts. Our blog provides information about how to successfully obtain FREE Government grant money for your small businesses.
Not Yet Rated Wisdom Of Getting Wealthy - Your Resources, mindset and Tips for Creating Wealth and success.
Not Yet Rated The Daily Way - We provide a daily podcast of a bible reading, along with a daily devotional, as well as bible study, and personal essays on Christian topics, with discussion forums and various writings.
Not Yet Rated Results Only Blog - Results Only is THE place for people who are serious about working out and getting results. Our programs are designed for people who are fully committed to making a positive, permanent change in their life.
Not Yet Rated Self Help Tips Blog - Jeff Zens is a self-help counselor from Minnesota and author of several books. He has recently decided to host a website featuring free self help tips, a free self help book and more! Updated regularly.
Not Yet Rated Debt Relief Consolidation Management free advice daily - Debt Relief and ways to get out of debt. Advice from a variety of sources. Suggestions on how to work from home - a great resource for extra income.
Not Yet Rated Nothing Is As It Appears - Behind the mindset of women and people from a psychology major perspective.
Not Yet Rated Mike Fuljenzs Blog - Mike Fuljenzís Blog provides you with his inside view of the coin and precious metal market. Michaelís blog will display his weekly market commentary supplying readers important info on the market.
Not Yet Rated Career Tear - An offbeat affiliate of CareerTier.com, Career Tear offers a grab bag of extraordinary advice, rants, forecasts and exposťs of career mishaps and restoration. Our well-intended elixirs encourage, elevate and educate the career-attracted workers. Our
Not Yet Rated Dating Advice For Women - Dating advice for women provides dating tips, relationship advice and dating tips and self improvement information to help women learn to love who they are.
Not Yet Rated Relationship Dating Advice by GirlShrink - Get real relationship and dating advice by relationship expert Lisa Angelettie MSW, GirlShrink.
Not Yet Rated Get The Girls - Blog aimed at providing dating tips on how to get the girls.
Not Yet Rated How To Get Girls - Aimed at giving guys the opportunity to find out more about how to get girls. Dating advice geared at explaining the specific techniques that can be used to build confidence to approach and attract women.
Not Yet Rated Drug Abuse Focus - Read or share stories about drug or alcohol abuse and addiction for the purpose of giving or receiving motivation, inspiration or hope.
Not Yet Rated Spending Less 101 - Learn to spend less on just about anything...
Not Yet Rated Effective Communication Skills for Relationships - Improving our communication and other related self development skills to have great relationships. Be happy on the inside and out.

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