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What's a Wutzle?

Author: Jough

For years researchers have been tracking the notorious creature we call the Wutzle. Unfortunately the Wutzle is so stealthy and its current habitat remains unknown leaving scientists clueless as to what a Wutzle is and where a Wutzle could be found. Several theories also suggest that the Wutzle may not even exist at all! In an effort to collect more data regarding the whereabouts of a Wutzle please leave your experiences or theories in a comment below. We thank you for your continued dedication in the hunt for the answer to life's most demanding question; What's a Wutzle?

March 21, 2006 Wutzle Comments (510)

SEO Success

Author: Jough

I currently work through the Guru network for moonlighting and freelance web development. With this network you are able to list yourself in a multiple of categories depending on your current abilities and you will periodically be sent an email containing jobs of interest. During my initial sign up I made the mistake of selecting SEO (search engine optimization) as my expertise. Now I bear the burden of sorting through hundreds of job offers a week from pitiable start-up web companies that blame the search engines instead of themselves for the lack of cash flow. Here are just a few of the many requests I receive:

"we looking for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help our site to view in top search engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL to be on 1st pages in more then 40 keyword"

"Site already is up and running – we are presently paying per click for advertising – need to be up much higher on search engines instead of pay per click – that is what we are looking for is to be much higher up /"

"We should be listed in number one position of all search emgines whenever there is a common search term called “Buy Car" “Sell Car" “Buy Bike", “Sell Bike", “automotive website India", “india car" etc(any possible search key words) etc."

Keep in mind I have quoted these word for word and all syntax is as was written by the author. Up until now I have simply disregarded these offers but it has gotten to the point that something has to be done about it. From now on I will simply reply with Jough’s formula for SEO success:

1. You will never receive number one placement on all search engines for every term that applies to you. It is simply impossible as there are most likely hundreds of other websites exactly like your own that are trying to do the same thing as you.

2. Do your research; SEO is not that difficult. There is no ‘secret combination’ that will provide for perfect search engine rankings. True SEO revolves around the concept of a user friendly, clean coded and informative website.

3. Probably the main reason why you are ranked so poorly in the search engines is because of your lack of decent grammar.

4. To provide good solid content in the attempt to satisfy the user with the information they had set out to receive has been and will always be the foundation of the Internet. Respect this rule and the Internet will respect you in return.

March 20, 2006 Wutzle Comments (515)

It's Your YouOS

Author: Jough

Two weeks ago I had written about an online operating system. At the closing of the post I had stated that I didn’t think anything of the sort would happen over night. Well, it did. A couple days ago I was digging through some recent news when I ran across an article about a JavaScript based operating system called YouOS.

When I first heard about the system I didn’t expect anything more than the upcoming Windows Live system which has movable and replaceable "windows". But, I decided to give YouOS a try after reading the numerous comments it was receiving. Unfortunately their server was down at the time and I had to wait a few hours in order to log in; understandable considering the statement on their first page, "Still wayyyy alpha".

If I were to sum up my first experience with the YouOS I would have to say I was overwhelmed. The functionality of the system is amazing! You truly have to see it to believe it. Currently the operating system contains several basic programs including a chat room, mail system, and even a light word processor but as stated on their blog hundreds of new programs are being developed every day. See, YouOS has designed their system (in under three months) around user development. They have integrated their own Javascript API so that web developers may create their own YouOS based programs and share them between multiple users.

Don’t let the appearance of YouOS turn you away. I’m sure Jeff, Joe, Sam and Srini will develop many new styles and schemes in the future. YouOS still has a long way to go to actually becoming practical for everyday use, but from a developer’s standpoint it left me speechless.


March 18, 2006 Wutzle Comments (222)


Author: Jough

Check out the cool new toys introduced at CeBit! Anyone have an extra $1200 they can spot me?

March 09, 2006 Wutzle Comments (198)

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